“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness….” 


(Matthew 6:33)

We are now living in the days where devotion to God has become a rare lifestyle. Most people love the feeling of comfort and rarely want to open their hearts to death to self (Acts 17:11). “Dead” people can be amplified in the hands of God because He knows that He can trust them to do great exploits for Him (Daniel 11:32b).

As Christians, we should order our lives so that God takes the first priority (Matthew 6:33). This means that in everything we do, God remains number one; our relationship with Him our loftiest goal, and His Kingdom our highest priority.

God refuses to share His throne in our lives with anyone or anything else. He wants total and complete control so that we can become the image of the Lord Jesus Christ that we were predestined to be (Romans 8:29-31).

I am convinced that we will be that last generation before the coming of the Lord. This means that God has specifically ordained that you and I be born for this moment in time for a specific purpose; for a specific reason! This excites me immensely, as I know that we are going to see God work extraordinarily in and among us. 

Questions to ask:

Are we ready for a great outpouring of God’s Spirit? 

Have we fully, with commitment, consecrated ourselves so that we can be utilised as the salt and the light of the world? 

Do we truly know God intimately? 

Take out a notepad, ask yourself these questions and ask the help of Holy Spirit. Be honest and truthful as you record your answers as Holy Spirit leads.

Is God my number one priority? 

Do I actively seek His Kingdom and righteousness daily? 

Do I easily die to my agenda, plan or idea so that God can reveal His plan or idea to me? 

Is my personal devotion tying up with the urgency of the Spirit beckoning us closer? 

What can I do to change my current lifestyle so that the Kingdom of God can be revealed in and through my life? 


Let’s pray together: 

Father God, help me to understand the times that we are living in. Reveal Your plan and purpose in my life and through my life to me so that I may understand what You expect from my life. 

Lord, help me to fully consecrate myself so that I may be the salt and the light Jesus intended me to be. Help me to let go of all things that are hindering my relationship with You.  

Give me the courage Lord to die to self and to take up my cross and follow You daily.  Lord Holy Spirit partner with me so that I may draw closer to you. 

In Jesus Christ’s name, I pray. Amen.

This was an extract from my devotional book,
“The Dunamis of God: 21 days of Power
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