Gebhardt Berndt is a Prophet, Pastor, Teacher, Author, Husband and Father.
Raised up by God during this moment in history to Empower a generation back to God. Prophet Gebhardt's ministry is earmarked by expounded teaching, bold delivery and unusual supernatural activity. Ordained as a prophet, thousands around the world have been dramatically impacted by his very timely, direct, and specific words inspired by God.

Gebhardt Berndt is the Senior Pastor of Empower Church Main in Pretoria and Empower Witbank Campus, actively overseeing Life Church in the United Kingdom amongst others.
He is also the C.E.O of Empower Christian Academy, a vibrant private Christian School accommodating more than 400 learners.
He is a second-generation preacher and functions in the prophetic. Gebhardt grew up as part of the Roebert legacy and has received various qualifications including LLB LAW, BA Bible & Theology, Masters in Organizational Leadership (M.O.L), and an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy.

He is an expounder of the original Greek text of the Bible and has authored more than 15 books. He has been actively used by the Lord on various platforms, nationally and internationally, with a desire to Equip the Body of Christ in God's scandalous love with His favourite topics being God's love, the Holy Spirit and the Prophetic.
He is married to his beautiful Shannon and has three daughters, Yasmin, Mickaele and Jocelyn.
He has been serving faithfully alongside his apostolic covering and dear father, Ps Carel Berndt.

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