History itself is saturated with great men and women achieving things for different purposes. It is noticeable, according to the Old Testament, that God only needed one man to make a difference. For example, out of Abraham He made a nation. He used Moses to liberate His nation. He used Joshua to bring His people into the Promised Land. He used Joseph to save Israel. He used Peter as an Apostle to the Jews, Paul as an Apostle to the Gentiles and Jesus Christ as the Hope of the world.

History doesn’t lie – God has always used man for His purposes. We are created for good works that He has prepared for us. YOU COULD BE NEXT!

Walking Amongst Giants

I have always had the pleasure to walk alongside people of great standing stature in their own personal right. One of these has taught me the value of discipline and perseverance.

Discipline is the trait of consistently going in one direction, without wavering, without giving up or giving in. Perseverance is applying discipline when all odds seem stacked against you. Neither is easy, but both are worthwhile!

If we think about spiritual growth as an example – we have reached a place in history where people want it easy, quick and painless! We get upset if there isa process to it or if we need to wait. Patience is not a 21stcentury virtue it seems.

One thing is true: God loves process! He easily gives the dream but He masks the process!

Countless people have asked me to disciple them, but only three or four make the cut of discipline. If everything worthwhile comes easy, we will not appreciate the value of success! Discipleship means to be a disciplined learner. Jesus laid some tough rebukes on His disciples when they lacked faith, yet they did not become twisted, bitter, offended or enraged! Rather, they purified themselves and they became better! True faith will always rise to the occasion and shine forth as true. In actual fact, God delights in certain testing(tithes and offerings as an example).

There are two disciplines I would like to discuss: The discipline of (1) Prayer, (2)the Word.

THEDISCIPLINE OF PRAYER is crucial for any person’s success. Prayer is the hotline or access to heaven’s mandate for earth. Without prayer we have no insight, foresight, life or knowledge. We cannot know someone if we don’t spend time with them in communication!

Today prayer is as natural as breathing to me. Prayer is not something I do, rather, it is who I am. I cannot, not pray. Without prayer we are really going nowhere.

God has done tremendous things in my life through prayer. I strongly believe that God provides the need if we are faithful to His Kingdom and righteousness(Matthew 6:33). However, we cannot twist God’s arm on the basis of how we live. Rather we can go to God in confidence because we live like we should.

Praying in tongues is one of the most beneficial things any Christian can do. According to the Book of Jude it builds faith. Faith is important because without faith, God won’t move. People often ask me why we should pray, and the answer is simple: it works. People often struggle to believe in things that they cannot see. For example they struggle with the concept of God as Father because they cannot see Him and struggle to relate to Him. However, this is bad adjudication. For example, we cannot see gravity, yet we all believe in gravity on the basis that we have experienced it and it works. In the same way Christianity must be true and God must be a Father because it is the only religion that works and sets free. But more than that, it is the only religion that one can experience. Jesus Christ is alive and His life dwells inside of us(Colossians 1:27). Therefore, our reasoning about prayer will stop the day we start to experience it. It is easy to get into the discipline of prayer if we are willing to start.

THEDISCIPLINE OF THE WORD is mandatory in the life of a believer. Without a doubt the discipline of the Word goes hand-in-hand with the discipline of prayer! No person can know God’s heart outside His Word. His Word speaks of His character, ways, precepts and will. Without knowledge of the Word, understanding of life is void and impossible!

Many years ago I asked the Lord to give me a hunger for His Word. I wanted to be sure that I represented Him well in all affairs of my life! Jesus likens the Word unto a foundation of a house, without a foundation no house can stand! Therefore, without the Word firmly secured as the basis of all we do, no matter how high we try to build, it will not stand! We must start with the Word.

I believe people should make the Word a priority in their lives. Many of the more traditional views would be to read small amounts. I don’t hold this view; I strongly feel that one must dine on the Word whole-heartedly! All of us should read the Word, study the Word and meditate on the Word. These three values will birth great fruit in our lives.

It is evident in our generation that people don’t know the Word. We see this in so many proud opinions on matters like the church, government and leadership. People have way too many opinions about things they have little influence over. Somehow pride has crept into this generation to such an extent that we feel obligated to share our views. Spiritual maturity is directly linked to the measure we control our tongues. Therefore, the high volume of criticism and opinions indicates the level of spiritual maturity in people.

Opinions change nothing, but prayer changes most things! Reading the Word daily is at times strenuous, as life takes its toll. However, we eat every day, whether we feel like it or not. The same applies to the Word: we must study it whether we feel like it or not! The Word may be all we need to change our attitudes!

The Word of God is the only thing that we know will never change. In actual fact it is so secure that Jesus Christ says that everything will pass away, but My Word will stand until everything written in it is fulfilled. The moment we stop taking God’s Word as the midpoint of our life, we start to open ourselves to various other influences that want our attention.

I believe the Word is a great safe-keep for the heart, mind and soul. God designed us to function within the parameters of His Word with perfect peace as  companion. Men find themselves embracing many bizarre doctrines, philosophies and traditions of men when they don’t keep the Word as the foundation in their lives.

Make the Word of God your priority and make enough time for it every day. The more you know of His Word, the more you will know Him. It is truly that simple. God’s Word will never become outdated.

Inconclusion, every great leader has a great story with great principles or codes that lead to greatness. History has always told the story of a person being used in the hands of God to overcome all odds and realize his/her destiny.

We need these disciplines in our lives to grown spirituality and that is also why it is so important to be part of Discipling Community (Life Groups) where we are trained in these disciplines and also held accountable to them!



Father, thank You that I have the potential to be great because of Jesus Christ. Please give me a hunger to pray and read the Bible. Holy Spirit, please help me to be consistent in prayer and spending time in the Word. Please help me to also submit myself to a learning process as a disciple so that I can become all that you have destined me to be. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


This EXTRACT was taken from my book, “Will the Real Men please stand up?”

Become a disciple today and let’s advance His Kingdom together!

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