It does not take much to change somebody else’s life. It normally just takes obedience. I remember one of the instances when someone blessed me with an amount of money. It wasn’t a massive amount, but it was enough to change someone’s course of destiny with. The scene played off in my favourite restaurant eating breakfast with my Diamond (my wife) one morning. A young man served us in excellence and fervour, and I could see he had a keen mind and that potential was written all over him. I asked him why he was working as a waiter when he is so intelligent, and he answered that he needed to work in order to raise funds to finalise his studies. I asked him what the amount was that he needed, and lo’ and behold it was the exact amount I had just been blessed with. Jesus whispered into my ear, and it was a done deal. I gave that money to the young man; he left his serving apron and went off to finish his studies. I saw him again weeks later, and he ran to me telling me how he was busy finalising his passion and how thankful he was. To me, that amount represented groceries for my family, but to him, it represented a chance at life. God chose him above my groceries. Until we learn that He is Master of all, we will think we have control over some.

I like people that are radically obedient as they depict the substance that champions are made of. But as it goes, there have been many more moments I have regretfully missed His voice in my own ploy to advance myself.

I have learned about three keys that will help you go a long way in obedience. I call it the mission keys: honour, submission, and servanthood. In the life of Jesus, His character consisted of these three characteristics, and it gave Him authority over all. These keys are, however, often missing in our lives.

To “give honour” means to give preference. To put another one’s desire above your own. The Book of Romans says it exactly so, “outdo one another in showing honour” (Romans 12:10).  Outdo.

When last have you been among Christians who are trying to outdo one another in showing honour? In the ministry of Jesus, it was a lack of honour that caused Jesus’ healing ministry to seize. Since he was regarded as merely the son of Joseph, a carpenter, He was dishonoured as the Son of God in the process. Familiarity breeds a heart of dishonour. Ultimately, we cannot honour people if we do not honour God. Many will tell you they honour God, but it becomes questionable since the same people  do not honour the focus of their Master’s attention – people.

Honour paves the road for God to show up and move in. He will never come to a place where He is just tolerated. The Bible says, Jesus could not do any miracle, but lay His hands on a few and healed them (Mark 6:4-5). Please note He could not, not that He would not, He could not. I believe honouring is a calibration of the heart – you either have a heart that honours or you don’t. The simple greatest reason for dishonouring is pride. Pride and the love of self. But if we want to be significantly used by God, we would need to start honouring what He loves – people. If you love people, it is easy to honour any human being. Honour creates a way for you to sit with Kings and peasants alike with no effect on your character or identity. If we show only honour to those that we think are worthwhile candidates we have become judges with evil intent.

Another key to obedience is submission. If we are willing to submit, we will be able to obey. “Submission” means to be a subordinate to another’s mission. But deeper even, submission means that the heart is pliable and soft. A hard heart cannot submit. A heart filled with submission is obedient. Submission was the ingredient that impressed Jesus in the centurion (Matthew 8:5-13).

In all the New Testament incidences where the word “submit” occur, the word is translated from the Greek word hupotasso. The hupo means “under”, and the tasso means “to arrange.” The word’s full meaning is to obey, put under, be subject to, submit oneself unto, put in subjection under or be under obedience or obedient to. When a man comes under submission, he is protected by the greater that he comes under. Submission is Kingdom language, and it must be applied.

The last element that is imperative in our search for obedience is the Spirit and heart of servanthood. Servanthood is the last powerful pillar in obedience to the Father. When service is your motive, people will be your focus.

Servanthood is imperative as it means you have taken on the highest form of honour and power in the Kingdom of God. The truth is simple: the Master came to serve, and not to be served. If we cannot serve it shows we are unworthy candidates of power and love within the Kingdom of God. But furthermore, if we cannot serve, we cannot love. Those whom you love you can serve. Serving is not based on selection but is purposeful in its pursuit. If we do not serve, we do not carry the hearts of Sonship as the only begotten Son served.

Consider who you serve in the flesh? Is there somebody whose suitcase you are carrying? Is there someone that you can serve better? Is there someone you should be serving that you are not serving?

Think carefully with God – I promise you that God will reveal someone or even many to you that you might have missed up and until now! That is why belonging to a Life Group is so important because it is here where we become more like Jesus as we honour, serve and submit to one another.



Dear Father, I want to become more like Jesus in honour, submission, obedience and servanthood. Help me to pursue the fellowship of believers with everything in me so that  may grow into  the Head, which is Christ. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

This EXTRACT was taken from my book, “Unashamed: Ambassadors from Heaven”

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