Yes, God has a plan for your life. That wonderful plan that God has already designed for your life and mine, contains the very best of purpose, adventure, fulfilment, joy, and new lessons. But you and I need to decide that we want His plan for our lives. God will not force Himself into our lives. We must choose His heart and His ways. The easiest way to know His heart and His ways is to know His Word. His Word is a light unto our path and a guide for our hearts. He has made it easy for us to follow if we are willing and obedient.

The Bible makes it clear that God definitely does have a plan for each of us, and His design always gives us hope for our future (Jeremiah 29:11). Even though we know this, we some-times struggle to put it all together. We can even become frustrated as we try to apply God’s promises to our own lives and to clearly identify the specific blueprint God has for us. Sometimes, other Christians can make it all the more confusing by implying that everyone else should have the same plan or calling that they experienced.

Some aspects of God’s plan do apply equally to everyone. For example, God desires that all people accept Christ as their Saviour (Matthew 18:14). He wants us to worship Him and sur-render our lives to Him (Romans 12:1-2). God’s plan is for all believers to help other people by using the gifts and abilities He gives (1Peter 4:10).

As we focus on discerning God’s special directions for our lives, we should never forget the importance of first walking in obedience to God’s overall plan for all believers!

Inside the broader scope of God’s general plan, we then look more closely to find what we might call God’s “specific purpose” for our lives. The Bible is full of examples where God gives definite direction to individuals. From Joseph’s dreams and Moses’ burning bush experience in the Old Testament to Jesus’ instructions for His disciples and Holy Spirit’s rerouting of Paul’s missionary journey in the New Testament, the Bible is explicit that God is able to provide clear direction to those who seek Him.

God’s plan for us is easy and should be clear. The more we walk with Him the clearer the plan will become. No matter where we are in life right now, God wants us to have an abundant life (John 14:6). This abundant life is within your reach, and now is the time to grab hold of it and make it your own.

Here are some simple ways of getting to know Him and His plan for your life:

– Make time to read the Word daily. Start small but be consistent.

– Make time for prayer. As regularly and as often as you can, pray in tongues and in your understanding, this will fuel your faith.

– Get connected; make sure you go to church weekly and are part of a Life Group.

– Live a clean life. Be ready to be obedient to Holy Spirit.

I pray that as you read this that some new insights have come to your heart and mind.

May you be blessed in your pursuit of God and may you understand the importance of being connected so that you can step int the full potential God has for your life!



Father, thank You that You have a plan for my life. Please reveal this plan to me. Thank You that I know that You are in perfect control and that all things are possible! I take hold of my destiny in this day. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


This EXTRACT was taken from my book, “Kingdom Families”

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